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May 29, 2003: REMINDER: Lynne Davis & Mark Preston will host a potluck dinner at their home on Lazy D this Sunday, June 1 from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. We'll meet with Bob Apgar (one of the attorneys representing the Schmidt's) to talk about how to pursue our rights regarding mining in our neighborhood.

Directions: Turn south on Lazy D, go one mile. The gate is on the left. It will be open. Drive on up and find a place to park. We'll see you there.

Please bring a covered dish to share and RSVP by calling Lynne or Mark at 657- 3442 or by e-mailing Mark at mark.preston@agedwards.com

Lee Planning Agency: Lee strategic mining plan needs work - Another Lee County planning board is wants a comprehensive restudy of  southeast Lee County to try to blend the heavy industrial, agricultural, environmental and low-density residential uses present there. Article by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.


May 27, 2003: Summary of Corkscrew resident's comments and request to reconsider portions of the draft LDC rule - Peggy Apgar'Schmidt has submitted a summary of our comments at the May 22nd meeting with County staff and has asked for reconsideration of specific language in the draft LDC rules as well as a portion of the "Potential Mining Areas" map.

Mining and environmentally sensitive lands - good neighbors? - map of CREW and other preservation lands overlayed with the "potential mining areas" map. Gives an idea of where future limerock mining and associated industrial operations are supposed to fit.


May 26, 2003: LDC proposal would keep land ownership secret in zoning applications - Mary Gibbs says idea came from meeting between staff, land developers, and consultants. Article by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.


May 24, 2003: Corkscrew Mine Challenge Fund has been established to help defray legal costs. See the sidebar on the Westwind Mine page for more info.

"No More Mines" - Letter to the Editor from Corkscrew resident Karen Newberry - Bonita Banner - 5/24/03


May 23, 2003: "Residents of Corkscrew given opportunity to comment on Mining Plan" - Despite being asked for input only weeks before a final decision by the BoCC, Lee Department of Community Development provides forum for residents of the Corkscrew Road Rural Community. Article by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.

Smart Growth Committee asks county to reassess DRGR area - Lee's Smart Growth Committee recommends a reassessment of the DR/GR area, and that there be no changes in development regulation there until the reassessment is complete. Charlie Whitehead, Naples Daily News - 5/22/03

Bonita council unanimously agrees to annex 1,268 acres of mining land - Charlie Whitehead, Naples Daily News - 5/23/03


May 22, 2003: "Estero residents get history lesson on CREW tour, nature hike" - Hikers learn about the rich history of the Corkscrew Community in a visit with Corkscrew native, Pete Whidden. - Naples Daily News (10/99).

The $1-Billion Water Fix - Costly and ecologically risky technology buys the region only a few years until Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties once again must face up to their water-wasting ways. Weekly Planet (08/02)


May 21, 2003: Tomorrow night's meeting is back on as planned. The South County Regional Library is making efforts to accommodate us as originally scheduled. We will be using the Library staff room to meet with Mary Gibbs and Community Development staff. Please come to make your concerns about changes to the LDC a matter of record. Thursday, May 22nd - 6-8PM.


May 20, 2003:


Due to a scheduling error at the South Library, the meeting with Lee County Community Development Staff will be moved to a new location. The date and time will remain the same - Thursday, May 22nd - 6-8PM.

We are seeking an alternate meeting place and will announce the change here as well as via the mailing lists.


May 19, 2003: Interesting info about ownership and management of the Westwind Corkscrew Mine. It's apparently no coincidence that the German-owned "Old Corkscrew Plantation" represents nearly all of the new acreage recently proposed by the mining interests. Check out the Westwind page for more.


May 18, 2003: Bills target disputes over blasting damage in W. Broward and Dade - Proposed state legislation provides a mechanism for homeowners to seek compensation for blast damage.

Question of the Day: Can a dump truck stop as fast as the car in front of it?



May 17, 2003: Mining interests consider historic Corkscrew community guilty of "residential encroachment" - Greg Stuart, Urban Planner representing Westwind Corkscrew Mine submits some interesting comments and responses to proposed changes to the Lee LDC.

The Corkscrew Community Calendar is online where you'll find all the important upcoming dates. Feel free to submit Community events of any kind, such as:

"Everyday Solutions to Global Problems" - problem solving and free advice session every Friday night at the Porch of Knowledge - Corkscrew Country Store.

May 15, 2003: Attorneys for mining interests want more land designated as "presumed compatible" with existing and future land  uses. Check the Westwind Mine page for more info.

Review panel wants more debate on Lee Strategic Mining Plan
  - Another article about the Lee mining plan by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.
May 14, 2003: Important Meeting! - The meeting with Lee County Community Development staff has been set. It will be at the Three Oaks Parkway Library on Thursday, May 22nd from 6pm to 8pm. Please help us spread the word.

Corkscrew residents protest proposed Lee mining plan - Charlie Whitehead of the Naples Daily News published an article this morning about Corkscrew resident's comments before yesterday's Commission meeting.

May 13, 2003: Thanks to everyone who was able to come to the Commission meeting this morning. The result was that the Commissioners pulled the Land Development Code hearing dates from the consent agenda and after some discussion arranged for Community Development staff to meet with East Corkscrew residents for more input. We've asked for the evening of May 22 at the library, but we should know more specifically in the next couple of days.

"Corkscrew Neighbors" mailing list - neighbors@corkscrewroad.com - is now live and operational. If you haven't signed up yet, go here. It's a good way to stay on top of what's happening.

May 10, 2003: Urgent news: The date for the Westwind Mine  zoning modification hearing has changed to June 26. This is now after the County Commission plans to rule on the proposed changes to the Land Development Code. We need 40 people to attend the BoCC meeting this Tuesday, May 13th at 9:30AM. Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.

In preparation for this meeting, there will be a community meeting at the Schmidt's hangar at 7PM this Monday, May 12th. Please read Peg & Rich's e-mail for more detailed information about the times and locations.




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