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ARCHIVED NEWS - June 2003:

June 23, 2003: ADOPTION BoCC meeting on Land Development Code Changes - Tomorrow, June 24th at 5:05 pm in the Old Court House. Be there!


June 22, 2003: Editorial: Lee mining study has major holes - Commissioners should consider outside help to get complete report. Fort Myers News-Press - June 22nd.
June 21, 2003: Lee County completes $6.3 million Conservation 2020 land purchase - 2040 acre property in DR/GR is second largest parcel acquired under the program to date.


June 19, 2003: State Investigation Spreads to Corkscrew Mining Ventures, Ltd. - A State Department of Banking and Finance investigation of Asa Candler and William Fitzgerald and their business practices involving a Naples Cemetery has expanded to include Corkscrew Mining Ventures, Ltd. Article by Alan Scher Zagier - Naples Daily News.

Stand and fight for the people - Lee County is right to defend decision against mining firm. June 19th Fort Myers News-Press editorial.


June 18, 2003: Westwind Zoning Hearing Delayed Again: - The Westwind Corkscrew Mine requested another delay in the zoning amendment hearing scheduled for August 7th. The new date is August 21st. Please make note of this new date.

Smart Growth Committee to discuss water quality, environment - DR/GR study will be the topic of discussion - Article by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.


June 17, 2003: Mike Roeder, a community planner representing the Habitat development, weighs in on the mining issue with a June 10th editorial in the Naples Daily News. Read it here. Mike's editorial is in response to this article by Jeremy Cox.

Three Little Pigs: A June 15th editorial cartoon by Doug MacGregor, Fort Myers News-Press.


June 16, 2003: Neighbors Meeting Tomorrow Night - Tuesday, June 17th, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Three Oaks Parkway Library Meeting Room - to discuss some issues specific to the Westwind Corkscrew Mine zoning amendments.

Important: Westwind Mine Hearing Date has changed! The new date is August 7th. Please make note of this in your calendar as we need your participation at this meeting!


June 15, 2003: Mining changes to the LDC still on the table. As expected, the June 10th public hearing resulted in proposed changes to the Land Development Code being carried forward to the final hearing on June 24th. The hearing was covered by Naples Daily News as well as the News-Press. Thanks to all of the Corkscrew neighbors who were able to participate, including our youngest presenter - Spencer Preston.

Schwab files suit against Lee County under the Bert Harris Private Property Rights Protection Act. Fort Myers News-Press article by Don Ruane.

Many property owners consider the Bert Harris Act a "good thing", in that it protects property owners from government decisions that limit the use of their land. It does not, however, limit government's ability to prohibit uses of property that injure the public or create a public nuisance. Learn more about the Bert Harris Act here.


June 9, 2003: The Fort Myers News-Press has been conspicuously absent at recent public meetings dealing with Corkscrew mining issues. On Sunday, the paper finally weighs in with an editorial about the DR/GR and LDC changes. They single out support for the Lee mining plan at the very end of the article.

Corkscrew resident Peggy Apgar'Schmidt responds to the editorial in a letter sent to the News-Press today. Read it here.


June 8, 2003: Beneath the Pink Underwear - Dye injection tests in Miami-Dade surprised all the experts when they showed that underground water in the vicinity of public wellfields traveled 100yds in a matter of hours instead of 30 days as expected. Article by Steven Dudley - Miami New Times.


June 6, 2003: URGENT! It is time to speak out again! - Please Come to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, June 10th at 5PM. Click the link for more details.

CALL TO ACTION - an open letter to friends and neighbors of the Corkscrew Road Rural Community from residents Peggy Apgar'Schmidt and Richard Schmidt. Contains a summary of the issues and arguments about mining in our neighborhood.


June 2, 2003: Lee to study 150 square miles set aside to protect groundwater and avoid sprawl - The future of the DRGR is in question now that the county and Bonita Springs are each looking into whether the land was really as vital as it was originally made out to be. Article by By Jeremy Cox - Naples Daily News.




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