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July 2003 Archive:

July 28, 2003: UPCOMING MEETING: The Board of County Commissioners Management and Planning Committee will meet on Monday August 4th beginning at 1:30PM in the commission chambers. The agenda includes the proposed "Study of Mining" and whether to study mining in Lee County on its own or together with the planned DRGR study. Check here for the agenda - the mining study is item #4.

Included in the agenda item is the County Planning Department's initial proposed two-phase scope of the mining study, along with the basis for the "review and update" of the DRGR.


July 27, 2003: State rejects rural Lee development proposal; suggests land swap - Florida Department of Community Affair sends Miromar Development and the Lee BoCC back to the drawing board. Chad Gillis - Naples Daily News.

New Collier growth plan goes into effect - Plan divides the so-called rural fringe into areas where growth would be encouraged and areas where growth would be limited. Eric Staats - Naples Daily News


July 26, 2003: CREW Trust buys land near Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary - 45 new CREW acres in Corkscrew. Jeremy Cox - Naples Daily News

"Florida Hometown Democracy" initiative coverage:


July 22, 2003: IMPORTANT: Westwind Mine Hearing Date is delayed once again! The new dates are September 10th and 11th. Please make note of this in your calendar - we need your participation at this meeting!

Corkscrew Road mine working to comply, water district says - Bonita Daily News' Chad Gillis reports on the citizen complaint to SFWMD. One notable quote comes from District spokesman Kurt Harclerode who indicates that non-compliance with permit conditions "is not that unusual".


July 20, 2003: The Florida Hometown Democracy initiative that we featured here last week is gathering some momentum with voters and the media statewide. Here are several recent news articles about the proposed amendment.

Nothing in the local newspapers on this topic yet...

Westwind permit non-compliance: Residents of the Corkscrew community have concerns about whether Westwind Mining Ventures Ltd. is acting in good faith to fulfill its regulatory promises and obligations. In particular, there were several special conditions attached to their 2001 South Florida Water Management District ERP permit that appear to have "slipped through the cracks". Have a look at the citizen's complaint to the SFWMD filed on behalf of Rich and Peg Schmidt.
The District has since responded to the complaint with assurances that they've been "working diligently" to bring the permit into compliance. This diligence apparently translates into little more than changing the dates on the schedule of required monitoring. According to the engineer, everything else is A-OK. Judge for yourself.


July 19, 2003: Question of the Day: What's the difference between Corkscrew Road and Daytona International Speedway?
July 16, 2003: News has been kind of slow the past week or so, but there are several Corkscrew-area items to report today:

Corkscrewroad.com website makes news: Our community's efforts to organize electronically via the web is featured in an article by Karie Partington - Bonita Banner - 7/16/03

Two dump-truck drivers dead in Alico Road collision - A tragic event highlights the dangers of ever-increasing volumes of dump truck traffic. Article by Sonja Bjelland - Bonita Daily News

Corkscrew's own High School Rodeo Champ - Corkscrew resident Matt Cross is heading to the National High School Finals Rodeo this week, and college this fall on a full athletic scholarship. Good luck Matt! Article by Will Graves, Bonita Banner - 7/16/03

Corkscrew not the only local community organizing electronically - Citizen Action Team - a SW Florida political activist group - communicates via forum-based website. Article by Charlie Whitehead - Naples Daily News.


July 6, 2003: Growing Pains in Southwest Florida - a "long-ish" Naples Daily News article from last year that explains some of the issues concerning growth management and land uses. This may help put things in perspective before you look at this:

Florida Hometown Democracy - learn more about an effort to "put the people back in charge of the places where they live" by putting proposed comprehensive plan amendments to voter approval. The issue is explained very well in the "Issue and Answer" link on the left of their home page.


July 5, 2003: "Put people's rights over mines'" - Letter to the Editor from Corkscrew resident Mike Bray - Bonita Banner - 7/5/03


July 4, 2003:



July 3, 2003: Federal Scientific Information Goes Online - Looking for obscure yet important  science and technology information? The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) has launched a series of web searching products, that make available many technical information resources.

Conservationists plan to sue feds over claims that panther habitats not protected - Focusing on a planned 3212 acre mine in Lee County, the National Wildlife Federation and other conservationist groups will file suit against the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Army Corps of Engineers for failing to protect panther habitat. Article by Joel Eskovitz, Naples Daily News.

Map of mines in Florida - Florida Department of Environmental Protection maintains an online map showing types and locations of mines in the state.

Website updates resume - Webmaster is back in town... vacation is over. Back to the "salt mines".




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